About Zan Molko

In getting to know Zan it soon becomes apparent that he has solid listening and understanding skills, which are borne through his quiet yet strong leadership abilities. These inherent traits have matured and have been refined ever since his early entrepreneurial beginning in the music business at the tender age of fourteen. His determination to build and expand his business evolved into a successful career of nearly two decades of International Marketing experience. Six of those years were spent at one of the worlds greatest Advertising Agencies, experiencing and developing marketing strategies with the creators of Charlie the Tuna, Morris the Cat, The Maytag Repairman, The Jolly Green Giant, and The Pillsbury Dough Boy and many more marketing icons.

After leaving the advertising agency, Zan was instrumental in developing what became Canada’s largest franchise retail weight loss chain in the mid 1980s. Today he continues to be sought after as a Franchise, Real Estate and Marketing consultant by his incumbent clients. His educational background is in the social sciences. Not only for the greater understanding of the human psyche but most useful for contributing entertaining conversation at dinner parties he has been quoted as saying. One of his lifelong passions is food, never knowingly having refused a dinner invitation. He has an incredible penchant for ice cream and has been known to travel to the ice cream capital of North America at least twice a year in pursuit of the ultimate connoisseur’s choice.

From a young age his limitless curiosity developed into a substantial general knowledge. His interests are as extensive as they are diverse, but when pressed will tell you of his love for music and the visual arts. Zan had a camera and a darkroom from the age of five and will claim to being able to make a pleasing noise on at least three musical instruments. When it comes to sport, as with many international types he believes that there is really only one sport – soccer. Zan used to consider himself as a Jack of all Trades, master of none until achieving mastery of Real Estate through twenty three years of multi-faceted real estate experience including both Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

He has lived and/or spent considerable time in seven major cities on three continents and has a true understanding of what it means to move from one community to another, whether it be across the globe or just to the adjacent suburb. He is the ultimate family man, sustaining the link among all of his relatives on five continents, devoted husband and life partner to his wife Carol, and proud father of their eldest daughter, Sharice and nineteen year old triplets Jeremy, Shawn and Alyssa. Zan takes his family, work, hobbies and life pleasures very seriously. With honesty and integrity as his hallmarks and firmly standing up for what he believes in, he goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver positive results every time. When you are ready to purchase or sell a home, you need more than just enthusiasm. Your key to ultimate success is selecting a knowledgeable professional to help assure that your biggest decisions are also your best. Zan Molko takes knowledge, skills and service to a whole new level to make sure that your Real Estate and Life goals are easily and effectively achieved.